Summerschool 2015 – Strasbourg (France)



SUSEES is a Summer School in Sociologies of Education open to 20 emerging researchers from all across Europe who intend to consolidate their expertise in studying education policies, practices and outcomes from a EU angle, assuming the European dimension as the privileged point of observation.

SUSSES stems from a synergy between EERA Network 28 ‘Sociologies of Education’ and a well established group of educational researchers that focuses its teaching and research agenda on Europeanisation and EU-related topics.

The first edition of SUSEES will be held at the University of Strasbourg from 21st to 24th September 2015. Participants will be involved in an innovative and ground breaking 4-days laboratory where leading scholars from the field of education will discuss how they use theories and methods in their research and writing.

Participants will be provided with insights on the potential of these resources in producing new research questions and will interact with lecturers in a dynamic and cooperative environment, having also the possibility to develop key competences such as academic writing, with a particular focus on drawing in interdisciplinary references to support the growth of analysis in the education field.